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About Elizabeth Mendana Shaw

I have been working in the performing arts for 30 years. Yes--I started at a very young age! My unique background includes extensive experience in both the production and performance sides of dance and theatre.

I completed a BA in Dance from the University of Colorado and a MFA in Modern Dance from the University of Utah. I have a comprehensive Pilates teaching certification from ITT in San Francisco.

2002-2010, I lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area as a performer, choreographer, lighting designer, teacher, production manager and videographer. I have recently relocated to Seattle, WA to continue these pursuits in the Pacific Northwest.

My artistic passion lies in the projects and productions that integrate multiple artistic arenas. As an artist, I passionately integrate the full range of movement, spoken word and music into my work.

As a production manager and designer, I use my unique blend of lifelong performance experience and extensive technical knowledge to provide artists with the highest level of support for their creative visions.

As a Pilates instructor and Modern Dance teacher, I emphasize core strength and proper alignment to support movement.

Read my thoughts and reflections on my blog: Movement as a Primary Language.