"Stunning" and "Hypnotic" ---San Francisco Chronicle

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As a choreographer, performer and teacher, Elizabeth Mendana passionately integrates movement, spoken word and live music in her work. She believes that performance can be a vehicle for creating beauty, building community, and inspiring hope in difficult times.

In addition to her own choreography, Elizabeth has also performed for:
Phil Porter/WING IT! Performance Ensemble
Kim Epifano/Epiphany Productions
Sue Li-Jue/Facing East Music and Dance
Carla De Sola/Omega West
Ali Woolwich/Humility Swim
Bonner O'dell
John LeFan
Natalie Greene

The Beautiful Two Year Old Boy Choreography by Elizabeth Mendana; Music by Amar Khalsa; Text by Alison Luterman; Performed by Elizabeth Mendana and Theron Shaw