"Elizabeth is a thoughtful and engaging teacher. She always found new ways to challenge me. I appreciate the time I got to spend working with her." ---Leah Rybolt, San Francisco

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Modern Dance Technique
Technique classes include the momentum and spacial awareness of release technique as well as a focus on power and strength. It begins with a thorough anatomical warm-up, continues with phrases across the floor to allow for expansive movement and culminates in a phrase of intricate gestures combined with inversions and grandiose movements. These classes are fast paced and designed to challenge students and expand the realm of possibilities.

Using the techniques of the InterPlay system, improvisation classes are multidisciplinary, combining movement, voice and storytelling with a focus on ensemble performance.

Elizabeth earned her Pilates certification thru ITT in San Francisco. She approaches Pilates from her love of Kinesiology, an anatomical understanding of bodies, and her lifelong experience as a dancer. She helps clients find balance and alignment for efficient everyday movement thru customized programs to effectively reach their goals. She is currently working with clients at Pilates Body Fitness in Seattle.